A Guide to NQT Knowledge

You’ve just qualified and got your shiny new degree. The next step is the ‘NQT’ year, which stands for Newly Qualified Teacher. It’s scary and exciting to be going into a new venture and the NQT year is definitely not an easy one. All those years of studying are about to be put into practice and the first term you face has the highest number of ‘unknowns’. There’s a lot you have learned and if you have used an agency like http://www.rikama-education.com to find yourself your place for your NQT year then you will have been briefed on what to expect. However, there is a lot that you will learn in that first year and everything you do learn you’ll be putting into practice as you go.

You will learn you don’t have to plan every single minute of every single lesson and you will become far more efficient with your planning. Having everything planned in segments may give a brilliant sense of security but takes up far too much time. Not to mention, the law of Sod says that plans are there to be broken and anything that can go wrong will go wrong. So while regimented planning is a good idea in theory, brief outlined planning can be better to work with as you can be more fluid in your lessons by being more responsive to what the children actually do need instead of what you’re going to teach.

By working through an agency like http://www.rikama-education.com you can have step by step guidance on your first term and they will tell you that the children you’re going to work with will test your patience! As a new teacher they will be looking for the chinks in your armour and they need to know from the outset that you will follow through on things you say you will do. If you set boundaries and explain consequences that never get followed through, you will be seen as weak and inconsistent.

Confidence is key and in that first year you will have to generate class reports and do parent’s evening by yourself. This is where confidence is the best thing to reflect! You may be nervous having to do these by yourself and not with a class mentor, you may be nervous about saying the wrong thing or having to talk to a parent about how their child is actually doing in class but don’t be. You see these children for a lot more in the day than the parents and while you don’t know them personally as well, their education is important to you and to them so be honest and fair. Be prepared and take notes before you do each meeting.

There will be bad days and stressful days and when you have these exhaustive days talk to your agency! By interacting with companies such as http://www.rikama-education.com you can have that support away from your employers. The NQT year isn’t easy by a long stretch but with the right support you can get through it.

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